Club Organix
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Inspired by Love! Our speciality is Organic, Natural & Vegan Certified Makeup. Bringing you luxury & great value with the power of nature to enhance your natural beauty!


Safe Makeup. No Chemicals. Cruelty Free.


How we came about…


Hi I’m Jay the founder of Club Organix!


My passion for helping my wife inspired the creation of the company a few years ago and we launched for the first time in public at the London beauty show in 2016!


My wife had used many products for her sensitive skin and would always react, which lead me on a path of researching into better formulations. I discovered a great deal about the industry like the shocking side of animal testing & also the use of cheap ingredients, harmful fillers and toxins.


I thought to myself, why can’t makeup actually nourish & benefit the skin! From here I began developing a makeup line which would be natural, ethical & vegan certified. After being able to help my wife I set out to help the world!


Along my journey I noticed most companies did not have a great range for all backgrounds so I created the Club Organix collection keeping this in mind & we now have a massive range for all skin types, undertones & colours so you don’t have to mix shades & just make do!


I decided to be the best in 3 key areas focusing on Foundations, Lipsticks & Eyeshadows & achieved this by sourcing only the highest quality ingredients. We now offer a massive 70 Eyeshadows, 36 Foundation shades and 30 Lipstick colours which enables their customers to create looks only others can dream of!


After huge success, the Club Organix team are super excited for the journey ahead & we will continue to add value wherever possible whilst keeping YOU at the heart of everything they do.


I feel strongly that customer care should be deeply rooted within all parts of the business and this combined with excellent quality will ensure generations to come will benefit from the Club Organix range.


Thank you all for being a part of our journey!


Jay Bharj
(CEO & Founder)